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The Benefits of Using Concrete for Your Patio

Unbeatable Strength

Concrete is one of the best options for steel building pads, especially compared to other materials like wood, brick, flagstone, and more. Concrete patios are fire-resistant and are especially resilient forsteel buildings.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Up-keep for concrete is simple! Compared to wooden decks, there is no need to use solvent-based wood stains and sealers which can be a pain to do. Getting out common spills and stains is a cinch and can last for 30+ years.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Our concrete pads are more eco-friendly than most wood decks as they don’t require harsh chemicals for cleaning and sealing that are harmful for the environment. It is also possible to recycle concrete!

  • Endless Customization

    Our concrete pads can be formed into any shape, allowing you to work with any backyard space restrictions and create beautiful curves. You can also choose from a huge selection of pattern and design options including stamped concrete.

  • Affordable Investment

    Concrete pads is an investment that will lost for decades when treated right. When compared to wooden-composite decks, your investment may only last half the time of concrete. Concrete pays off in the end with its long lifespan!



Increase Leak Protection

Foundation Protection

Financial Protection

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Metal Building Gutters for Self-Protection

The first job of gutters is to allow people to enter and exit the building without dashing through a drenching waterfall, as sheets of water rush off the roof during a thunderstorm.  Choosing to add gutters to your metal building package keeps you and your visitors nice and dry.

Metal Gutters Increase Leak Protection

Without metal rain gutters, rain cascades off the building roof and straight down the walls.  The runoff may leak inside, invading the structure and dampening the building’s insulation or contents.

Water traveling down the side of the building wedges under the seals.  If the water then freezes, it can cause breaks in the seals, increasing the likelihood of greater leaks the next time.

In addition, pooling water around garage doors seeps inside, staining the floor.  Over time, the standing water rots wooden doors, or discolors and rusts steel doors.

Steel Building Gutters for Foundation Protection

Photo of a RHINO steel building with gutters and downspouts.Rainwater not diverted from the base of a building by metal rain gutters inflicts massive damage on a foundation.  In fact, excess water can literally compromise the structural integrity of the building itself.

Buildings with basements face the highest risk of water damage.

Heavy rain sheeting down the side of a building hits the ground with considerable force.  Pooling around the base of the structure, the water may invade the building itself.

Worse yet, repeated rainfall or exceptionally heavy downpours can trap standing water around the building, allowing water to seep under a slab foundation.  Water beneath a slab washes away the supporting soil.  Portions of the foundation settle, sink, and shift.  Cracks appear in the concrete slab.

Clay-rich soils expand when saturated with water.  This too creates pressure on foundations.

Repairing a damaged foundation is possible.  However, foundation repairs are aggravating and expensive.

Metal Gutters and Landscaping Protection

Downpours flow off roofs and crash heavily onto plants surrounding the building.  Rain pounds landscaping, damaging tender plants.

Metal gutters guard plants by removing cascading rainwater safely away from your structure.

Metal Gutters Offer Aesthetic Protection

Photo of a white RHINO metal building with tan trim and gutters.Without gutters and downspouts to turn excess water away from the structure, rain hits the ground and splashes mud onto the building.  It is both unsightly and destructive.

In fact, certain types of soil discolor exterior materials, permanently staining them.

Using gutters eliminates such backsplash.

Steel Building Gutters Provide Financial Protection

Replacing landscaping, repairing leaks, and fixing foundation problems is expensive.

Moreover, insurance policies usually do not cover water damage problems.  In fact, most property insurance policies do not cover any flood damage.


Avoid water problems before they happen.  Include a gutter and downspout package with your other metal building accessories on your steel building order. For part two of this series, see How to Collect Rainwater from Gutters.



Lower Energy Bills

Upgrade Comfort

Noise Reduction

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Every business has a common goal: to increase profits and decrease spending. By investing in spray foam insulation for your commercial or industrial property, you will see instant energy savings and increased year-round comfort for your business. With OUR knowledgeable and professional teams of spray foam product specialists and manufacturer trained installers, you can expect excellent service, as well as some of the lowest and most competitive rates for commercial spray foam insulation on the market. 

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