Invest $1,000 into a 30-Day Facebook Ad Campaign. Generate on average 250 Steel Building Quote Requests! Your Return $1,000 to $10,000 Per Order!

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Own An Automated Steel Building Dealership!
Purchase 30-Day Facebook Ad Campaigns.
Make up to $5,000 Return or More on a $1,000 30-Day Facebook Ad Campaign.

Our Steel Building Designers & Quote Masters
Can Produce 1,000+ Quotes Per Day!

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does This Work?

You pick an ad and we place it on your Facebook Ad Campaign.  Quote Requests come in 24-Hours a Day Requesting a Quote. 

Who Designs the Steel Buildings and Send Quotes?

WE have full time Lead Distribution Facebook Managers that respond immediately to all inbound Quote requests and forward requests to our Steel Building Designers That Design and Send out a minimum of 25 Detailed Quotes Per Day Each!


Who does the customer call with Buying Questions?

Our Quote Masters are Fully Trained in Answewring All Questions and Helping Ypur Customer Make a Purchase. Each Quote Masters Phone Number appears on the Quote , so you will never be contacted.


How Soon Do I Receive My Commission After a Building Sale?

We pay Out Commissions on the 1ST and the 15th for all Deposits received within 3-days of the Payment Date,


How Can I Be Sure I Am Paid On Every Sale?

You receive a copy of Every Quote Sent Out. You will have the e-mail address and contact Information of every Quote Request, You will also be made a manager of the Facebook Business Page Allowing you to see Every Quote..


How Long To Get Started After a Facebook Ad Campaign Purchase?

We can start within 4-Hours of Your Facebook Ad Campaign Investment.


How Many Steel Buildings Can You Sell and Install Per Month?

We can Sell 1,000’s of Steel Buildings a Month. We work direct with 33 of the USA Largest Manufactures with over 50 Factory Locations.


I Have More Questions. Who do I contact?

Call 832-578-9623. Or E-Mail


How Many Quote Requests Will I Receive?

Depends on your Facebook Ad Investment. $3,000 Monthly Facebook Ad Campaign can Generate 600 to 1,000 Quote Requests a month.

How Can I View The Inbound Quote Requests?

We invite you as a manager of the Facebook Business Page, You accept and this allows you to track every quote request.


Im Busy - Is This Fully Managed Without My Time?

We created this program when we got a request from a busy investor that requested a Fully Automated Program that Only Takes an Investment In Facebook Ad Campaigns, We Place teh Facebook Ads , Manage the Inbound Quote Requests, Design and Send Quotes – You Only Invest In The Facebook Ad Campaign.


How Do You Transfer The Commission To Me?

Zelle, or Bank Transfer, or we can issue a cashiers check.


Do you have Financing?

Yes Click on Financing on our Website at


How Much Can I Invest In Facebook Ads a Month?

There are people that invest $25,000 a Month in Facebook Ads, That we are aware of.  You Can Invest up to $3,000 to $5,000 a Day! We can Habdle 1,000+ Quote Requests Daily.


Where Do You Run the Facebook Ad Campaigns?

With over $5 Million a Year In Steel Building Sales off Facebook Ad Campaigns we have perfected the states, states, age group and interest groups, We run the ads in 19 to 21 States. This is Mainly the Sunbelt States. Thos allows  us to advertise and sell 365 Days a Year!


Can I Choose which Steel Building Ads To Run? Can I Run More than 1 Facebook Ad Campaign at a time?

YES! and YES! You can choose from over 100 Facebook Ads We Have, We will show you the Ads That Pay a $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 amd $10,000 Commission Per Sale. We will show you the Ads that Produce the Most Quote Requests and the Most Sales.

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